Kanheri Caves.

There were finally 11 of us who went to the Kanheri Caves, located within the Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai, starting from the 6. I can claim to have recruited 2 of them myself !! The more the merrier as they say. Well, the place was ok, bus ride took 1.5 hours. We had to wait for sometime inside for getting the internal transport. It takes approximately 20 minutes to reach the caves from the park gate and costs Rs.20/-. The caves are carved from rock. the photos are here. Apparently there is waterfall, but i found it less than good. We went over a short distance on extremely slippery surface, i myself plopped down while coming down an incline!!
Too tired to go for the Lion/Tiger Safari, two fellows who had taken the trip earlier assured us that it had a couple of mangy creatures.
The toilets are in a horrible condition, even for an Indian used to such things, its a shocker. Also, I am reliably told by people that in the off-season, couples have been robbed of belongings by squatters inside. There is nothing on a major scale and it is completely safe if one travels in the internal vehicle, but trekkers beware unless you are travelling in a big group.
Also, we found the usual set of smooching , grabbing,cooing frustrated couples who infest every possible public place cuddling each other in the latest romantic movie style. It is ironic that they seek “privacy”, as they are wont to explain their frustrated antics, in the most public places. However, such is life.

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