The new “Kashmir” imbroglio

A number of people are aware of the Kashmir Singh issue as highlighted in the media. To recollect, Kashmir Singh was an Indian languishing in a Pakistani prison, under the sentence of death for being a spy, for the past 35 years or so. For his part, he had always denied it and maintained that he was some kind of dealer and ha been arrested in Pakistan on some trumped up charges. To be frank, almost noone was aware of any such person till a few days back when a Pakistani minister announced to the media that he had obtained pardon for Kashmir Singh on humanitarian basis. As usual, there was the accompanying hoopla regarding how culturally same India and Pakistan is and so on about friendship, confidence building measures and love etc. this too was very well received in the Indian media, the people aware of this were generally happy. Spy or not, they were really happy for him and hopes regarding other prisoners were raised. There was also some usual statements regarding the fate of Pakistani prisoners. With much fanfare, at least on the indian side, he was escorted to the border two days back. At the border on the indian side, he was received by BSF personnel, and was not allowed to speak to the media. He met his wife and other family members in a nearby office and issued some standard statements that he was grateful to pak. president musharraf and bore no ill will toward the people in general, which is all very fine.
sceptic indians or cynics were i think thinking that something was wrong. we do welcome friendly gestures from pakistan but something like this is unexpected. initially, i thought that this was another chance by the ISI to wage psychological warfare by spreading such news and then hanging kashmir singh the very next day. i was indeed pleasantly surprised to note that this was not the case. for a country, which had defined its existence solely for troubling india for causes imagined and which is never willing to let go ofits religious core and history, especially the creation of bangladesh(never mind separation of erstwhile east pakistan into bangladesh was of their own doing and india had to do something for its sanity), this was an unprecedented act of friendliness. i was personally of the opinion that release of kashmir singh was the beginning of some insidious trick of the ISI and musharraf.
today, the same kashmir singh made statements that he was indeed a spy and that the indian government did not do anything to take care of his family during his incarceration. this, i believe, was what all the drama about.
many of us know that sarabjit singh is facing the death chamber on similar charges which may or may not be true. musharraf, the scumbag, had rejected his mercy petition. however, i think it would cause a major strain in the relationship if the sentence is carried out. however, this admission by kashmir puts it all together. by admitting that he was a spy, he has raised the hackles of the pakistani public and they will not spare any government which frees sarabjit. effectively, this man is doomed. of course, such an act may further show musharaf as a “tough person” who will not bow to india and hene boost his image. almost everyone following pakistan politics will admit that musharraf is skating on thin ice and the hangman may be waiting for him when it breaks. perhaps he is trying to shove another person into the hole and escape himself. this could of course be a ploy by ISI itself. the possibilities are endless.
however, at the end of this long-winded and perhaps a bit heated discourse, i wish to make two points.
firstly, someone should examine musharraf’s head to understand why the bugger hates india so much. examining the ISI coterie would also be fine, unfortunately no leader in india seems strong enough. advani seems like an old market hag with his cracked voice and gutless antics. sure, he has shown is “macho” on indian muslims but when he went to pakistan, he sang and cooed like a foolish pigeon. i would rather forgive modi’s acts if he can show that he is tough and importantly balanced, on the international level. however, it is the bane of indian politics that they are out to prove swift’s statement on leader in his book “gulliver’s travels”, the final part, that only the old infirm doddering physically incapable but wily cruel and twisted people become leaders.
secondly and more importantly, what were the indian intelligence agencies doing all this time? it seems a major joke to call them “intelligence” agencies. they seem to have debriefed him properly when he crossed the border but this statement by him seems to have left and ostrich’s egg on their face. kashmir may have been a spy and may have legitimate grievances against the successive governments. however, this was not the way to express it; he is to blame but i would lay the 99% of blame on the indian agencies. what in f**** name were they doing all this time? could they not control him? i think the blood of sarabjit is on their hands, as good as they pulled the lever. i think that the PM/Home minister should sack the IB/RAW head and throw the book at the doddering cunts.

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