Chinese insensitivity and venom

The following article shows the true vicious nature of the Red Chinese toward india. This news appeared following the recent attack in Mumbai by Pakistani terrorists.

The article is as

China official daily says don’t rule out Hindu radicals

Sat, Nov 29 04:06 AM

The Chinese Communist party’s mouthpiece – the People’s Daily – has carried a news article, indicating involvement of Hindu radicals in the Mumbai terror attacks. The article has based its argument on a “red thread” worn by the attackers on their wrists.

The article – written in Chinese – contributed by its India-based correspondent Ren Yan, noted that although the Deccan Mujahideen had claimed responsibility for the attack, “it can be seen from the red thread worn by the attackers around their wrists that they could be Hindus”.

The full article can be found here. I do not understand China’s obsession with India but this article is certainly lowers the Chinese in my eyes. Chinese vitriol is nothing new to us Indians but this is despicable and inhuman. Chinese have  a long historical culture and I do not think that anything in that culture will permit such statements in times of distress. The Red Chinese, on the other hand, following some foreign propaganda in shape of Communism have lost all self respect and respect toward others as well.
I request all reading this entry to register their protest in some form or the other and to avoid Chinese goods till they apologise.
I have nothing toward ordinary Chinese but the fullest sympathy as they reel under the despotism and exploitation by the Communist officials under the catchy and fancy names of “Great Leap Forward” and “Cultural Revolution”. Even Stalin pales into insignificance when compared to the Communists of China.

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