Problems with OpenCV and FFMPEG

I have been using opencv fully for my work. opencv 1.0 has been a stable release, so was 0.9.7, which was when i started using it. Opencv depends on ffmpeg for video support. ffmpeg is a highly dynamic package whose developers aim to produce a software package which is able to read/write every video format in the world. however, the whole package is simply beta testing, the developers warn you against holding you breath while waiting for a stable release. All very droll.
However from revision 15263, ffmpeg has dropped support for img_convert and started using swscale. now, swscale is under GPL and opencv is under LGPL. the developers are thinking how to circumvent this problem. read about the issue here at message 57348.
My problem is different. On the announcement of opencv-pre1.1 few weeks back, i was very happy. downloading and installing was and is a nightmare. I have not been able to manage a single install of opencv 1.1 with video support. Initially I used the latest svn ffmpeg version but there were some errors on make check. Basically, the tests within the python directory would croak on trying to read/write/create videos. so, i changed the ffmpeg revision back to 15262 and then back again to 15261. No luck. compilation was always fine but make test failed miserably and installing the library results in useless video capability. If any program calls any video function, it is thrown out by the short and curlies in form of a seg-fault.
using the latest stable snapshot svn gives an error with clapack.h or something. there are unknown “integer” declarations.
I hope this is the transitional pains for opencv as the developers have promised a new release/upgrade regularly.
meanwhile, i have posted these problems to the yahoogroup but peculiarly no one responds. it is difficult to belive tht no one has faced this problem or nobody uses video!
I have tried this on a wide variety of OS releases : fedora 8-10,slackware 10.1,12.0,12.1, centos 4.3/4.4 etc. i have mailed the developers mailing list as well. lets see how it goes.
As a last resort, i have installed ffmpeg 15261 and opencv 1.0. lets hope i am not stuck with this release(great though it is) forever.

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