Opencv 1.1 error

An update to my previous problems for opencv-1.1 compilation. As mentioned earlier, I was facing problems compiling opencv-1.1 because of python test failures in reading and writing videos. I assumed that this was an ffmpeg problem, so to speak. I ignored the python test failure and installed the library. There is a persistent failure in gaussian filter test. Let us ignore that for the time being. After installing the libraries, I found that I was able to read videos(Thank God!) but not create and write to videos. Even if i used CV_FOURCC_DEFAULT as the codec, the program would run fine but mplayer was not able to play the video. So, again trawling through the muck that is opencv yahoogroups, I found that someone had reported the same problem but for Windows Vista. A solution was also proposed and apparently worked for Vista. However, when I made the changes on Linux, there was no improvement.

Regarding the python problem, this solution was posted at the developer’s mailing list. However, even after I installed PIL, the tests failed. I downloaded the latest CVS(no. 1600 it was, now it is 1601). I shall write about this on another day!

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