Gangster claims to be protector?!

Here is an interesting news article.

For those unaware of the complex plot, here is a summary. As per the article linked above, the lawyer for a criminal named Rashid Malabari has been shot dead by an underworld “benevolent” called Ravi Pujari. So, whats the big deal? gangsters rubbing out each other and an occasional lawyer is not exactly a tearjerker. However, Rashid had allegedly been in turn sent to rub out some prominent “Hindu” leaders who had made anti-Muslim statements or whose antics were percieved as threats to the ordinary Indian Muslim. Note the link. Pseudo Hindu leaders grubs for votes by violent language against Muslims, underworld dominated by Muslims send in a hitman to protect their “brothers”. This worthy gets caught and his lawyer is shot dead by a brother gangster hell bent on serving(what other term can be used here for apparently the assassination is carried out for altruistic reasons, not money or competition) Hindus by rubbing out the person who was sent to kill the self proclaimed leaders.As if the Indian government or the state government is non existent…

What a sick comedy or tragedy…

Cry my beloved country….

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