Ashamed to be Tamil

A group of passionate LTTE supporters pelted an Indian army convoy with stones. I read this from Xinhua first and disbelieved it. More Chinese propaganda, I thought. However, the news also appears here.

This is a shameful act indeed. The army person leading the convoy must be praised for not ordering retaliation, not a few  lungis would have flown into the air. However, I do wish that less retraint had been shown and these dogs whipped and sent home whimpering. Had this been some other country’s army, surely the casualties would have been on the civilians, I cannot see the US army sitting quietly in some US city while a bunch of black hoodlums or pro-Iran supporters atacking them. What amazes me is the audacity of the people involved, I am quite sure that some local politician hoodlum is behind this. Unfortunately, once this kind of stupid things are done, it becomes fashionable and gets repeated. I hope the army high command issues a very strong protest to the government led by blind men and warns that if this happens next time, the army would have no option but to protect its property by appropriate measure. It is in fact national property. Moreover, what happens if other states start hitting back against Tamils?

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