Building ITK Appls on Windows XP using VS 2008 Express edition

Steps for compiling ITK-Applications using VS 2008 1. Build ITK using “Release” mode as well as “Debug” mode. 2. Build FLTK. I used 1.9. Things to worry about building FLTK: a) go to the VC 2005 directory and double click on fltk.sln. it will want to convert the 2005 files to VS 2008. let it do it for all the files. b) Choose the “Release|Win32” option for building. Choosing the “Debug” build gives errors like “fltkd.lib” not found. i experienced it on fltk-1.10rc3. Also, remember to make the entire folder writable. while unzipping i found that the folder where fltk was extracted was only readable and led to some time waste before figuring this out. 3. Using the usual CMake route used for building itk core, configure itkapps. check the “use fltk” box abd immediate a whole list of fltk dependencies will pop up as “not found”. in the fltk core library path, put the path/lib/fltk.lib, where path is the base path for fltk. fill in the other fields as per common sense, you will find the libraries in the lib directory. One thing you need to be careful is that for the FLTK include parh, put the base directory where you saved the FLTK. Do NOT put the subdirectory “FL” as it will lead to “global namespace” errors while building ITK Apps.

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