US-Israel relations: what drives it?

What drives the US-Israel relations? Why does the USA bend over backward to accommodate Israel’s every wish and condone every massacre it does. When I first read about the USS Liberty incident a few years back, I could not believe it. How could a nation which prides itself on its capacity for blindfolded revengeful rage, condone this? I theorise that Israel has some proof of America’s involvement in the initial days of Nazism and is holding this over America’s head everytime. The Ha’aretz seems to be one of the more balanced newspapers in Israel. Truly, the Middle East is a mess and Israel’s ultra aggressive posturing is never really going to help. The fundamental problem is that any time anyone says that this is wrong, Jews in Israel and elsewhere start howling about the Holocaust, victimisation and so on. Frankly, which group or community has not been victimised or faced the brunt of some other community ever? Be it Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Budhhists  and so on, all have been shafted at some point in time by the other. The timing of the Holocaust was such that mass-media propagated this soon to the rest of the world which was shocked by the brutality they could actually see and which happened just 5-10 years back then. The guilt was driven in to the higher level than the usual apathetic way human beings take it. Ultimately, if Israel wants peace, it must accept that it lives on land which was stolen from Palestinians by guile and force. Since Israel is now stabilised, it must now promote peace by showing some give and take. Here is an interesting article.

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