On roads in Indian cities

I am one of the innumerable victims of the perennial traffic jams occurring daily in all Indian cities. Part of the problem is lack of rules governing the traffic flow. The major part of the problem is of course the complete lack of discipline in India. Does not matter if you own or drive a bike or a bus, the road IS yours; park anywhere, make a U turn, stop, pick up and drop passengers etc. It is a part of fundamental your right to disobey traffic rules. Indians need the stick to maintain discipline. Be as it may, I have hit upon a wonderful idea to which will at least help maintain lane system, if nothing else. The idea is that each lane in a road should be about 3-5 inches higher than the next. This will prevent the nimble people from weaving in traffic or they can do so at great discomfort to themselves and their passengers. It is a simple idea yet I think it will be wildly successful. To be fair, this idea is novel only in purpose. Most roads in India are somewhat laid with level differences. In extreme cases of level change, I have seen this happening; I am sure this was unintentional.

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