I heard a curious comment regarding NREGA from s friend. His uncles are big farmers. The uncle was cribbing that NREGA enourages idleness amongst the less motivated people in the villages. The hardworking and more motivated people have already left villages to cities in search of better life. This has led to a labour problem. The ones who have not gone to cities and towns are mostly the less ambitious and that taking-it-easy types. It was difficult enough to coax them to work, even with money. It has now become impossible or very very difficult to get them as they are guaranteed some money. This is apparently enough to see them through tobacco and liquor for most part of the year! So, expect more increase in basic agriculture production and multiply this by some largish positive number to satiate the middlemen before it comes to the market. One wonders, were the hardworking people underpaid which made them leave their home to go to city? Or is the hardwork just too much? Who knows, and sadly not many care.

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