Sony Elm quick review

This is a quick review of the Sony Elm mobile cellphone.

Motivation and Decision!

The reason for the purchase was that I was looking for a cellphone within Rs. 8,000-10,000, with reasonable camera performance. I was tempted by LG and especially Samsung offerings. Since I have a very positive experience with Samsung E2232, I had decided upon Samsung Galaxy Y, which is a cheaper version of the more pricey ones of the same name. I was not specifically looking for Android phones or touchscreen phones. I am slightly wary of the touchscreen technology coming at too low a price; I guess that any company has to maintain its margin and will cut down on quality if pushed too hard. Now, all the reviews for Samsung were great except for a few which said that the camera was barely passable. I was also not looking for high megapixel, 3 would be more than enough. Sadly, moronic customers push the companies toward megapixel wars leading to degradation of images, or maybe the companies attract morons by such number games. However, I hesitated after reading the poor quality images. Then, I chanced upon the Sony Ericsson Elm. On  paper it seemed great; a Sony Ericsson product with decent reviews. I also saw some sample images at a website. Seemed reasonable to me for a phone costing 8000 or so. So I bought it.

General Comments

As far as looks go, this is fairly good. It is very conventional, no scratching or touching anywhere. The keypads are good, I played some games(pre-loaded) without worrying about damaging the pad. I would say that, this is about the only thing which I have positive to say about this overpriced brick. The phone itself is very slow. I never thought I would pay much attention to the themes, but the utter dullness and the available themes is galling. The sound quality is miserable, or to be honest maybe i expected better, since i was not paying for touchscreen and Android, I thought that I was getting better hardware.


Ah, this is what I bought the phone for?!

No, certainly not! This is bright sunshine! The hopeless quality is immediately apparent. Based on this short experience of 1 week, I think that I made a wrong choice. My general suggestion is that if you want a camera, buy one and if you want a phone, buy one with such features as you wish. Do not mix and match both, at least not for anything costing less than 25,000. At that price or a bit more, you may get an entry level DSLR nowadays. However, if you do feel like donating money by spending it on such a combo, while I do not know which to recommend, I most certainly which NOT to go for: Sony Ericsson Elm!

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