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This is an absolutely fantastic distribution, based on Slackware. The installation is just 1CD. It has a music player, mplayer, OpenOffice all in. To run mplayer, however i think one needs to install liblame. I installed in on my home desktop which is being used by non-experts. It comes with Google Chrome browser, there might be other options.

If one gets past the installtion, this is a fantastic distribution, especially for old hardware. There is a small problem with dhcp setting. The dhcpc daemon keeps on overwriting the DNS in /etc/resolv.conf. I looked up a solution and someone(sorry do not remember the link) has posted a work-around which was to simply add one line in /etc/rc.d/rc.local “echo xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx > /etc/resolv.conf”. I tried other stuff like giving some parameters to the dhcpcd daemon but that did not work,

The distribution is available here.